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March 7, 2005 Issue

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  • Editorial

  • Arthur Miller

    When a figure like the playwright Arthur Miller dies, his greatness swells in retrospect in a mound of accumulated tributes and memories; attention is paid to the plays–so deeply American–that

    The Editors

  • Free-Speech Fights

    Rummaging through Yale University’s library shelves in early 2001 to prepare a talk on news media and genocide, I came across a study of nineteenth-century Colorado newspapers by Ward Churchill.

    Bruce Shapiro

  • Beyond Boycotts

    Absent George W. Bush’s undergoing a conversion like St. Paul’s on the road to Damascus, there probably won’t be much good environmental news out of Washington in Bush’s second term.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Tort ‘Reform’ Triumphs

    Click here to read Zegart’s October 25, 2004 Nation piece to read more on the right wing’s drive for tort “reform.”

    Dan Zegart

  • The Lynne Stewart Trial

    Click here for info on how you can help Lynne Stewart.

    David Cole

  • Shooting the Messenger

    Click here to read Christian Parenti’s March 29, 2004 Nation article on the abuse of Arab journalists by the US military in Iraq.

    Jeremy Scahill

  • Mideast Mirage?

    Four and a half years after the outbreak of the second intifada, Israel and the Palestinian Authority have signed a cease-fire agreement in Sharm el Sheik, and the peace process appears to be rev

    The Editors

  • Column

    Of, by and for Big Business

    Watching the 109th Congress, one would be forgiven for thinking our Constitution was the blueprint for a government of Big Business, by Big Business and for Big Business.

    Robert Scheer

  • Back to Salem

    Off goes former Father Paul Shanley to state prison in Massachusetts for twelve to fifteen years, convicted of digitally raping and otherwise sexually abusing Paul Busa two decades ago.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • Condoleezza Rice

    Condoleezza Rice, who is cold as ice, is precise with her advice. Yes, she is quite precise, and, yes, she’s cold as ice.

    Calvin Trillin

  • Books & the Arts

    In Radical Matrimony

    Suzanne Wasserman’s documentary Thunder in Guyana, which airs on PBS’s Independent Lens series at 10 pm on February 22, is the first in-depth look at Janet Jagan, former president of Guyan

    Baz Dreisinger

  • When Seeing Was Believing

    In Hegel’s formidable system of aesthetics, fine art fulfills its highest calling when “it has placed itself in the same sphere as religion and philosophy.” Philosophy, religion and fine art are

    Arthur C. Danto

  • Dazed and Confused

    Perhaps no cultural phenomenon has been as successful at demonizing alcohol as MTV’s The Real World. Watch it sometime. You’ll never want to drink again.

    Suzy Hansen

  • Constantine

    About two-thirds of the speaking characters in Constantine are either demons or angels.

    Stuart Klawans
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