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June 9, 2003 Issue

James K. Galbraith argues against severe state budget cuts, Molly Ivins decries Texas’s "Shiite Republicans" and Stuart Klaw…

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An Energy/Jobs Program

America needs jobs, and working families are hurting. At the same time, the war in Iraq has heightened awareness of our dependence on foreign oil and the vulnerability of ou...

Losing Iraq?

Clarification: George W. Bush's proclamation of Al Qaeda as "not a problem anymore" was a reference to top Al Qaeda operatives, not the entire organization. (06/04/03)


Forgetting to Laugh

Of all the columns I've written, never have I gotten more mail than for the following sentence: "It will not matter that the Dixie Chicks play to full, cheering houses, whil...



Guns or Butter

"Our job is to make sure that the labor movement talks about how the militarization of US foreign policy hurts workers at home."

Tales of the Texas Border

They're back now, but Texas's few living elected Democrats, who fled to Oklahoma pursued by minions of the law, are said to remain unrepentant. The proximate cause was a red...

Socking It to the States

Sentient observers know that American state and local governments face a historic crisis--that they are cutting vital services and raising taxes, mainly on those already mos...

Books & the Arts

Medium Cool

In the film from which there is no escape and no going back, The Matrix, the writer-director team of Andy and Larry Wachowski presented a grim choice between truth an...

Fight Club

Writing may be fighting, as Ishmael Reed famously opined, but most writers know the difference. There are, of course, some who blur the line.

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