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July 4-11, 2011 Issue

Cover art by: Cover illustration by Doug Chayka, design by Milton Glaser Incorporated


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  • Editorial

    Time to Get Out of Aghanistan, America’s Longest War

    President Obama is about to make a major decision regarding US troops in Afghanistan. Progressives must push him to pull out of the quagmire and reinvest at home.

    the Editors

  • Haiti’s Rigged Election

    Confirming what Haitians already knew, a WikiLeaks document shows how US and international donors pushed ahead with a rigged presidential election.

    Dan Coughlin and Kim Ives

  • Noted.

    Renée Feltz on Democratic defections from President Obama's immigration enforcement program, Kevin Gosztola on the widening war on WikiLeaks and John Nichols on the FCC

    Various Contributors

  • Weiner in a Box

    Congressman Anthony Weiner says he'll resign, the latest politician brought down by haters and shamers like Andrew Breitbart and a national media that has the sexual maturity of a 7th grader.

    JoAnn Wypijewski
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