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July 17, 2006 Issue

Alexander Cockburn diagnoses global capitalism, David Bacon analyzes the Mexican presidential race, Stuart Klawans reviews two new films.

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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A President Rebuked

The Supreme Court's Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision is to Bush what the Pentagon Papers were to Nixon: a devastating rebuke of a President who thought he had a blank check and a...

Barbara Epstein

In 1963 a handful of distinguished literary intellectuals launched The New York Review of Books as an antidote to the lackluster prose and middlebrow sensibility of t...

Harlan County Blues

Life remains cheap in the coalfields of Appalachia because of the Bush Administration's incompetence and neglect in the face of human and environmental tragedy.

Chilling the Press

Did the New York Times violate the Espionage Act by publishing reports of government secret spying program? A controversial essay in Commentary has provided intellect...

American Patriots

Here's a salute to America's true patriots: librarians on the frontlines of free inquiry, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and peace activists across the nation.

Atrophy of the Well

Few of us can now imagine a world without freshwater, but look to the future, when the scarcity of this most basic commodity will profoundly change our lives.

Wake-up Call

By adopting the principles of natural capitalism, America can regain its sanity and reverse the reckless use, overuse, waste and destruction of our natural resources.

A Generation of Peace

"I dream of the day that our children will turn the pages of history books and look to my generation, who said no to the horrors of war and chose nonviolence over nonexistence."


Channeling Nixon

If Tricky Dick could tame the grizzled Mao, then certainly Bush could butter up Kim Jong Il with some of that frat boy charm. Who knows, Dearest Leader might even join Bush's shaky...

Buffet’s Billions

What Warren Buffett's gift of billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation lacks in imagination, it makes up for in safety. If only they had the guts to tackle the real proble...

Stop the Waffling

Democrats should take a page from the GOP playbook and back candidates willing to stand up for their values, rather than wasting their money, time and votes on those who won't.

Mommy Wars, Round 587

Antifeminists engage in moral discourse while feminists tend to speak in the language of personal choice. But what happens when choice is a bad idea--for yourself, other women or s...



World Cup: Party On

If there is any message to be gleaned from the World Cup, it is that soccer has finally shed its freight of machismo and anguish, attracting a global audience of fans who simply wa...

New Jersey Showdown

As New Jersey government plunges into fiscal and constitutional crisis over a proposed sales tax, lawmakers must stop playing politics with the public good and get serious about p...

Shifting Winds on Iraq

Peace sentiments are rising among the American public and even in the much-divided Democrats. What does this mean for electoral politics and for the course of a war that seems to h...

A Killing Machine Turns 30

This summer marks a grim anniversary of a Supreme Court decision to affirm the death penalty and create a bureaucratic killing machine that puts American justice at odds with the C...

Mexico’s Labor Rebels

On July 2, Mexico will choose a new president. Whoever wins will face an ongoing labor movement challenging the neoliberal policies of the past.

Where’s the Plan, Democrats?

Elections are decided by message, money and mobilization. The Democrats' choice of tactics for the latter may determine not only the outcome of the '06 elections but the party's fu...

The Coming Ballot Meltdown

Ohio is the bellwether for the nation's electoral health and the prognosis is bad. Error-ridden e-voting, draconian restrictions and widespread incompetence could cause another Nov...

Books & the Arts

Dazed and Confused

A hallucinatory mix of animation and live action creates the Orwellian world of A Scanner Darkly; substance triumphs over style in Excellent Cadavers, a Mafia-bustin...

All About Eva

In the late '60's, Eva Hesse's ambitious sculptures challenged the art world. Collected in a new exhibition, her art is even greater today.


George Hutchinson's new biography of the mystery woman of the Harlem Renaissance reconsiders both Nella Larsen and a key moment of black cultural history.

American Patriots

Here's a salute to America's true patriots: librarians on the frontlines of free inquiry, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and peace activists across the nation.

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