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January 21, 2008 Issue

Fidel Castro on Hugo Chavez, Laila Lalami on Iraqi fiction, Alexander Cockburn on political excitement.

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Recession–Who Cares?

Politicians and economists find it hard to admit that we have two economies--one for the rich and one for everyone else--and the latter has been in a recession, if not a depression...

A Season of ‘Change’

Throughout the political sphere--in Democratic and Republican campaigns, in media coverage and pollsters' surveys--the word "change" is bubbling on people's lips. What does it real...

Beyond the Labor Board

Partisan appointments to Bush's National Labor Relations Board have ensured it's virtually impossible for workers to get a fair shake.


Guest blogging at The, gazing into Kristol's ball, revisiting Hoover's roundup.

Toy Story

An eviscerated Consumer Product Safety Commission means American children still face perils from their toys.


Play the Class Card

Hillary Clinton may claim that her gender makes her the unmistakeable agent of change--but what's radical about voting for a corporate lawyer?



A Conversation with Joe Trippi

John Edwards's political consultant talks about web-driven organizing, why Hillary Clinton may be the next Howard Dean and how bloggers and mainstream media are covering the campai...

Benazir’s Bequest

In the shock, power grabs and crackdowns that followed Benazir Bhutto's assassination, it's easy to forget that the greatest casualty in Pakistan is the rule of law.

Books & the Arts

The Dot Matrix

In I'jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody, novelist Sinan Antoon explores themes of love, loss, identity and resistance in the face of political oppression.

Fly Papers

An English translation of Lydie Salvayre's The Power of Flies demonstrates how this novelist and practicing psychiatrist has earned more nervous respect than love in France.

A Human Pledge

The most important American love poet in living memory, Robert Creeley celebrated the body and its ambivalent desires with a touch as light as a song.

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