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February 4, 2008 Issue

Eric Foner on race and gender, Alexander Cockburn on economic terrorism, Nona Willis Aronowitz on Bella Abzug.

Cover art by: Cover photograph: Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend (1945, MGM); cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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CSI: Iraq

Despite the cosmetic acts of President Bush, his undertakers and enablers, America's Iraq is still a corpse.


Victor Navasky on failed punditry, Frida Berrigan on Bush's Israeli pilgrimage, Esther Kaplan on activist nurses.

Twin Disasters

When will the candidates cease their petty sniping and address the real issues: the Iraq War and the faltering economy?


Our Eroding Dollar

No matter how much it adds to inflation, the Fed, prodded by Wall Street, is poised to again lower interest rates--punching an even bigger hole in our purchasing power.



Readers respond to Gary Younge on The Obama Effect, exchange views with Henry Siegman on Israel and comment about the subprime mortgage meltdown.



NIMBY Comes to China

In Shanghai, angry, middle-class protesters say a high-speed train will wreck their quality of life. This new form of dissent could be one of the biggest challenges China will face...

Suicide Is Painless

Kang's political mentor--and reputed former lover--is found with a bullet in his brain. As the media is poised to pounce, she readies her talking points with a growing sense of dre...

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