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February 15, 1999 Issue

  • Features

    The Cost of an Afghan ‘Victory’

    Ten years ago, on February 15, 1989, as the last of the 115,000 Soviet soldiers crossed over from Afghanistan into Soviet Tajikistan, there was quiet celebration in Washington as well

    Dilip Hiro

  • Theme Wars 2000

    It was yet another Washington confab where Democrats gathered in a hotel to ponder their prospects.

    David Corn

  • Editorials

    France’s Rival F├╝hrers

    For once the news from France's racist front is optimistic. At least the worst will not happen.

    Daniel Singer

  • Antichrists Among Us

    What could have possessed the Rev. Jerry Falwell to announce that the Antichrist is probably alive and a male Jew?

    David Wallis

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  • Columns

    On Olympic Bribery

    'Twas said the honest folks of Salt Lake City
    Deplored sins large and even itty-bitty.
    But, trying for the Games, they thought it pretty

    Calvin Trillin

  • A Cold War Over the Cold War?

    Yale University Press's Annals of Communism series, begun in 1995, is among the most ambitious and influential scholarly undertakings to address the historical role of Communism and the Soviet

    Eric Alterman

  • Books and the Arts

    Revenge of the Pod People

    Nobody asked me to spend my weekend watching movies about alien invasions--so for all I know, I might have been acting on promptings from an otherworldly force.

    Stuart Klawans

  • History by the Letter

    Whatever else the investigations of the President have uncovered, they have yielded thousands of sources--transcripts, letters, memos, audio- and videotapes--which Americans have devoured wi

    Louis P. Masur

  • Curious George Talks the Market

    The epic, slow-motion crisis unraveling the global economic system continues to gather momentum, taking down Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, now Brazil. Who's next?

    William Greider

  • A Bend in the Color Line

    Policy talk about a racialized "underclass" rests on social science research that often reproduces notions of racial difference, in an enormous tautology.

    Gerard Fergerson

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