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December 6, 1999 Issue


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  • Editorial

    The People vs. the WTO

    The thousands of demonstrators who will greet the World Trade Organization delegates in Seattle on November 30 will have many voices but one message: The attempt to write a constitution for the g

    the Editors
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  • Column

    Signs of the Times

    When Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band opened the opulent new Staples Center in LA on October 17, the Jersey Troubadour had a few choice words for those watching from the luxury skyboxes.

    Eric Alterman

  • Missing in Action

    The candidates are constantly reviewed.
    The questions raised by analysts include:
    Will Pat Buchanan matter as a mauler?

    Calvin Trillin

  • Books & the Arts

    The Heat in the Kitchen

    He poses like a tightrope walker, though one who's unexpectedly domestic and chubby.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Global Is as Global Does?

    If one wants to understand what all the fuss is about as the World Trade Organization holds its ministerial conference, Ethan Kapstein's Sharing the Wealth: Workers and the World Economy,

    Mark Levinson

  • Sen’s Sensibility

    Some years ago, I had the good fortune to befriend an extended family who lived in a poor shantytown in the southern reaches of Santiago, Chile.

    James North

  • 1999 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize

    The Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize of $10,000, awarded annually for the most outstanding book of poems published in the United States by an American, is administered mutually by the A

    Marilyn Hacker
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