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December 27, 1999 Issue

  • Editorials

    The Battle Beyond Seattle

    A little broken glass in the streets of Seattle has transformed the World Trade Organization into a popular icon for the unregulated globalization that tramples human values on every continent, a

    William Greider

  • Democracy Bites the WTO

    Seattle was indeed a milestone for a new kind of politics. 

    the Editors

  • Waging War in Space

    "Master of Space"--a motto of the United States Space Command, a joint Air Force, Army and Navy command set up by the Pentagon in 1985--says it all.

    Karl Grossman and Judith Long

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  • Books and the Arts

    ‘Rock’ in a Hard Place

    Not since Charlton Heston painted the Sistine Chapel has there been so epic a film about arts patronage as Cradle Will Rock. Heston, you will recall, had to cope only with the Vatican.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Exploding Plastic Inevitable

    The fifties may have been the last great moment when Americans entrusted their dreams of transformation to the material world.

    Joanne Jacobson

  • Kosovo: On Ends and Means

    The spectacle of human beings acting out mindless violence through pack behavior instills more terror in the heart than perhaps any other event in the natural world.

    George Kenney

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