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August 23, 1999 Issue

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  • Feature

    Gloves Off in the Garden State

    The newly regilded dome of Trenton’s state capitol may be shimmering under the intense summer sun, but if New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman’s entourage is sweating bullets these days, it

    Doug Ireland

  • Think Globally, Run Locally

    In the summer of 1997 Amory Houghton, the “moderate” six-term Republican Congressman who represents my home county in upstate New York, cast a crucial vote against the “no arms to dictators” Code

    Caleb Rossiter

  • Editorial

    Bradley’s Long Shot

    How do you beat a sitting vice president in a presidential nomination contest? There’s no established game plan, because no one’s ever done it.

    David Corn

  • Pacifica Static

    The temblors around Ground Zero Berkeley, otherwise known as station KPFA, seemed to be diminishing, but there were lingering aftershocks.

    The Editors

  • Presidential Bidding

    Let 1999 go down in electoral history as the year the “wealth primary”–a term coined by Jamin Raskin and John Bonifaz in law review articles to describe the period of early fundraising before th

    The Editors

  • Column

    Bush’s Death Watch

    In rather the same way as new movies are now “reviewed” in terms of their first weekend gross, new candidates have become subject to evaluation by the dimensions of their “war chest.” This silly,

    Christopher Hitchens

  • Not for Me

    I think I’d rather not belong
    At this point to the Falun Gong.
    The exercises don’t look easy,
    And doing them might make me queasy

    Calvin Trillin

  • Books & the Arts

    Renoir All Over Again

    Like a kid at an ice-cream counter, urging his friends to try the chocolate–like a writer of travel guides, warning tourists not to miss the Eiffel Tower–I come before you to praise Grand Il

    Stuart Klawans

  • Back in the USSR

    The study of the Soviet Union in the United States, as distinguished from random journalism, memoirs and polemics, began on the right foot.

    Abraham Brumberg

  • The Bride & the Bottle Rack

    The idea of craft is an unanticipated product of the Industrial Revolution.

    Arthur C. Danto

  • Have We Reason to Believe?

    Scratch a philosopher, find a reductionist revolutionary.

    Carlin Romano
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