Cover of April 23, 2001 Issue


The Doctor Killers

The arrest in France of James Kopp, the accused assassin of Buffalo obstetrician Barnett Slepian, could not have come at a more awkward time for the Bush Administration. Bush i...

Nation Notes

We're pleased to announce that Jamie Lincoln Kitman's special report, "The Secret History of Lead" (March 20, 2000), has been awarded the Investigative Reporters and Editors' ...

Publish or Speech Perishes

In the words of the old folk song, "When will they ever learn?" David Horowitz, former radical who these days is in the business of promoting (1) neoconservatism and (2) Dav...

In Fact…


William Greider writes: While it is not exactly news that Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspanhas fallen from hi...

Beyond McCain-Feingold

The Senate's passage of McCain-Feingold was welcome if only as a comeuppance to the Trent Lotts and Mitch McConnells who had arrogantly defied popular sentiment by keeping th...

Back to the Bay of Pigs

Two senior citizens of the cold war are chatting amiably over small cups of thick, sweet Cuban coffee in a Havana hotel. Bob Reynolds, tall and erect in his mid-70...




Diamonds of Death

A tough bill is falling victim to the power of warlords and corporations. Meanwhile, diamond sales pay for wars that are killing thousands in Africa.

A Fairness Agenda for the Bush Era

In the clash over tax cuts and social programs, much of what progressives need to do is defensive. But it would be a mistake not to float new ideas, too.

Science or Politics?

A question for the new millennium: When there is no paper, is there still a paper trail? Answer: Not unless you vacuum the Internet and print the download.

Books & the Arts

Aloha Las Vegas

Although it may come as a surprise to the rest of America, people from Hawaii also feel the urge to get away from it all--even the inhabitants of a paradise theme park can ge...

Bristling on the Subcontinent

The conflict in Kargil took place in the summer of 1999. It was the fourth war between India and Pakistan since their emergence as independent nations in 1947, but this was ...

Beauty and the Beastly

Jean Clair, director of the Musée Picasso in Paris and widely respected both as scholar and art critic, has for some years been out of sympathy with contemporary art....

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