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April 15, 2002 Issue

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  • Column

    Nixon Library Woes

    The daughters, Trish and Julie, now aren't speaking.
    Without more dough, the roof will soon be leaking.
    It really isn't clear just who's in charge.
    Most tapes and papers still remain at large.
    The tapes may show, when they're where they belong,
    The Jews have caused these troubles all along.

    Calvin Trillin

  • The God Squad

    Was it lack of space or was it lack of time that made Katha Pollitt so bland and lenient about the current state of religious leadership in our country and our culture ["God Changes Everything," April 1]? She mentioned the obvious degeneration of the Roman Catholic Church into a protection racket for child rapists, true. She also instanced the way in which Judaism has become prostituted to the uses of messianic colonialism in Palestine. But this is merely to tinker with the problem. What about Billy Graham, who has been Protestant father-confessor to every President from Eisenhower to Clinton, and who has achieved the status of America's mainstream cleric?

    Christopher Hitchens

  • Bush Fiddled While Mideast Burned

    There is enough blame to go around for the events that have turned the Camp David promise of peace into the killing fields of the Mideast without dragging in President Bush.

    Robert Scheer

  • Books & the Arts

    Sonnet: Against Making Blood Speak Out

    If I die one day from the bullet of a young killer--
    a Palestinian who crosses the northern border--
    or from the blast of a hand grenade he throws,
    or in a bomb explosion while I'm checking the price
    of cucumbers in the market, don't dare say
    that my blood permits you to justify your wrongs--
    that my torn eyes support your blindness--
    that my spilled guts prove it's impossible
    to talk about an arrangement with them
    to talk about an arrangement----that it's only possible
    to talk with guns, interrogation cells, curfew, prison,
    expulsion, confiscation of land, wisecracks, iron fists, a steel heart
    that thinks it's driving out the Amorites and destroying the Amalekites.
           Let the blood seep into the dust: blood is blood, not words.
          Terrible--the illusion of the Kingdom in obtuse hearts.

    Translated from the Hebrew by Shirley Kaufman

    Meir Wieseltier

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