Conversations with The Nation | How a Climate-Justice Champion Can Win Office in Rural America

Watch Sen. Chloe Maxmin for a conversation about progressive policies in rural America with The Nation.

Mar 24, 2021

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Watch the Conversation with The Nation and Chloe Maxmin below.

If you think it’s a given that the phrase “Green New Deal” is toxic to Democrats in Republican-leaning districts, you might want to talk to Sen. Chloe Maxmin of Maine, as Wen Stephenson wrote recently in The Nation. In November, she unseated the state’s GOP Senate minority leader with 51 percent of the vote in rural, working-class District 13. Two years earlier, in her first run for office, Maxmin won a seat in Maine’s lower chamber from her deep-red House district, and then went on to introduce a Maine “Green New Deal” bill with the historic endorsement of the state’s AFL-CIO. The version that passed was significantly pared down, but it started a new conversation about a just transition for Maine workers that continues to influence state-wide climate policy under Democratic Governor Janet Mills. Not too bad for a twentysomething rookie state legislator.

As  Senator, Maxmin’s work is focused on bipartisan, community-based efforts for free rural broadband, quality education and healthcare, effective transportation and state policies designed to sustain natural resources. She’s also written dozens of articles for The Nation since she was a student at Harvard, where she cofounded one of the nation’s first college divestment groups.

Join us for a conversation with Maxmin and Editorial Director and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel on her work in Maine and how it connects to social justice struggles coast to coast.

There will be ample time devoted to audience questions and conversation. All proceeds directly support The Nation’s journalism. We hope you will join us! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


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