The Outlaw German Government The Outlaw German Government

Germany's sinking of the Lusitania is nothing less than "murder on the high seas."

May 13, 1915 / Feature / The Editors

Justice for Coxey Justice for Coxey

The "general" whose "army" made a powerful stand for America's unemployed in the country's first-ever march on Washington.

Feb 13, 1913 / Feature / The Editors

Lawrence Strike and IWW: Syndicalism Lawrence Strike and IWW: Syndicalism

The IWW takes the fight for syndicalism to Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Nation is having none of it.

Mar 28, 1912 / Feature / The Editors

Mark Twain: Two Frontiersmen Mark Twain: Two Frontiersmen

This time, reports of his death weren't greatly exaggerated.

Apr 28, 1910 / Feature / The Editors

Brigandage and Piety Brigandage and Piety

Jesse James may have been a robber and a thief, but at least he was a member in good standing of his church.

Apr 13, 1882 / Feature / The Editors

The Beecher-Tilton Scandal The Beecher-Tilton Scandal

You want a good sex scandal? This one from the nineteenth century had it all—and more.

Aug 20, 1874 / Feature / The Editors

Charles Dickens Charles Dickens

Beloved for his generous spirit as much as for his brilliant work, the news of Charles Dickens's death has prompted a worldwide outpouring of grief.

Jun 16, 1870 / Feature / The Editors

The Vanderbilt Memorial The Vanderbilt Memorial

"The Commodore's acts have touched the public, more or less nearly, in a spot which is tender."

Nov 18, 1869 / Feature / The Editors

The Probable Effect of the Impeachment Trial The Probable Effect of the Impeachment Trial

Americans exercise their good sense by not caring much about the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson.

Apr 30, 1868 / Feature / The Editors