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Beat the Devil

  • November 4, 1999

    California’s Gulag on Trial

    Welcome to Corcoran State Prison, 170 miles northwest of Los Angeles in the San Joaquin Valley; built at a cost of $271.9 million on what was once Tulare Lake, home of the Tachi Indians; opened i

    Alexander Cockburn

  • June 3, 1999

    If Slobo, Why Not Bill?

    I’m no fan of the International Criminal Tribunal, for the reasons Doug Lummis outlined in these pages on September 26, 1994, concluding reasonably enough that such a tribunal was designed to fu

    Alexander Cockburn

  • May 6, 1999

    Ulster Veto, Ulster Terror

    If Bill Clinton finds time to look up from the debacle of NATO’s bombing of Serbia, he will find that Protestant holdouts in Northern Ireland are on the verge of denying him the only legitimate f

    Alexander Cockburn

  • April 8, 1999

    Rebellion at Pacifica

    One in five people in America lives within reach of the FM frequencies of the Pacifica radio network, which consists of stations in Berkeley, Los Angeles, New York, Washington and Houston.

    Alexander Cockburn

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  • February 18, 1999

    How Hitchens Suckered Himself

    Amid the shifting sands of Christopher Hitchens’s accounts of and apologias for his bearing witness (deemed false witness by the man he still insists on calling his friend) against Sidney Blument

    Alexander Cockburn

  • January 7, 1999


    Twenty-six years ago, when the world was young, Jerry Brown began his reign in Sacramento and, even though I wrote some rude things about him at the time, life was certainly fun.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • December 17, 1998

    Noah’s Arc

    Somewhat impudently for a man taken in adultery, Henry Hyde compares himself to Jesus Christ.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • October 4, 1994

    Why Say No?

    Alex on the pathetic handshake between Rabin and Arafat.

    Alexander Cockburn

  • October 3, 1987

    From Smoking Gun to Smoking Dog: A ‘Beat The Devil’ Investigation

     Why were two dogs gunned down right before the arrival of Air Force One?

    Alexander Cockburn