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Founded by abolitionists in 1865, The Nation has chronicled the breadth and depth of political and cultural life, from the debut of the telegraph to the rise of Twitter, serving as a critical, independent, and progressive voice in American journalism.

Henry Ford: Notes from the Capital Henry Ford: Notes from the Capital

The man who spread the gospel of the assembly line launches a new crusade--for peace in Europe.

Jan 13, 1916 / Feature / The Nation

The Haymarket Executions The Haymarket Executions

A brief report on the execution of four anarchists for the Haymarket bombing of 1884.

Nov 17, 1887 / Editorial / The Nation

Mr. Barnum on Museums Mr. Barnum on Museums

He may have said a sucker is born every minute, but the great showman defends his museum as the real deal in a letter to the editor.

Nov 27, 1884 / Letters / The Nation

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

How Lincoln wrote his great speech--told by someone who was there.

Sep 9, 1875 / Letters / The Nation