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Susie Linfield

Susie Linfield is the author of The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence. She teaches journalism at New York University, where she directs the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program.

  • Language Arts January 15, 2014

    Pictures Without an Exhibition

    The Brooklyn Museum’s massive show of war photography is a wasted opportunity.

    Susie Linfield

  • November 27, 2012


    At last we exhaled…; who brought down the Berlin Wall?; Mike Davis on Susie Linfield on Fred Halliday; Linfield’s reply

    Our Readers and Susie Linfield

  • The Journeys of Fred Halliday

    On socialism or the Middle East, Fred Halliday’s intellectual flexibility was one of his greatest strengths.

    Susie Linfield

  • Fine Art April 17, 2008

    Every Photo an Archive

    Peppered with moving, thought-provoking elements, the photographic exhibition "Archive Fever" is fascinating but essentially incoherent.

    Susie Linfield

  • Fine Art November 29, 2007

    Dark Rooms

    Susie Linfield | The photographers who documented the Spanish Civil War captured the heart of battle in ways that now seem iconic but were then radically new.

    Susie Linfield

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  • Film March 18, 1999

    American Graffiti

    It's true--and a cliché--that Hollywood films hold up a mirror to American society. It's equally true--and equally a cliché--that Hollywood films fail to reflect American society.

    Susie Linfield