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Sasha Abramsky, who writes regularly for The Nation, is the author of several books, including Inside Obama’s Brain, The American Way of PovertyThe House of 20,000 Books, Jumping at Shadows, and, most recently, Little Wonder: The Fabulous Story of Lottie Dod, the World’s First Female Sports Superstar. Subscribe to The Abramsky Report, a weekly, subscription-based political column, here.

Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter

Immigrants facing deportation find shelter with the religious New Sanctuary Movement.

Feb 7, 2008 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

Blue-ing the West Blue-ing the West

Democrats are on the verge of a fundamental shift in the regional balance of political power.

Jan 4, 2007 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

The Other Rocky The Other Rocky

While most politicians win by appealing to the lowest common denominator, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson takes a decidedly higher road.

Dec 17, 2006 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

The Moral Minimum The Moral Minimum

As the lagging minimum wage is being turned into a moral issue instead of an economic one, states are beginning to act where the federal government has not.

Oct 19, 2006 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

Rocky Anderson, Folk Hero? Rocky Anderson, Folk Hero?

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's cachet is growing in the wake of a stem-winding speech in which he called the President to account for lies and ineptitude in Irag, castigated...

Sep 1, 2006 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

Reversing ‘Right to Work’ Reversing ‘Right to Work’

Labor activists in Idaho hope to repeal repressive "Right To Work" laws and educate a new generation on the history of labor struggles.

Feb 8, 2006 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

Seeds of Abu Ghraib Seeds of Abu Ghraib

Americans wondered how Army Specialist Charles Graner could torture detainees in the gruesome Abu Ghraib scandal. In war, people do things that would otherwise be unthinkable. But ...

Dec 8, 2005 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky

Letters Letters


Nov 10, 2005 / Letters / Eric Alterman, Doug Henwood, Sasha Abramsky, and Our Readers

Letters Letters

OH GEORGE, POOR GEORGE... Camarillo, Calif. Your October 3 cover almost made me feel sorry for George W. Bush. Now cut that out!

Oct 12, 2005 / Letters / Sasha Abramsky, Our Readers, and Lee Siegel

Running on Fumes Running on Fumes

Unless the federal government does something now, rising gas prices have the potential to break the blue-collar backbone of many American towns.

Sep 29, 2005 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky