Sarah Trudgeon

Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot

So regret her divined blemishes, smoking, drinking, having dated the wrong men, the wrong sex: Sugar’s top-lit in the spotlight (breasts, breasts) and what could be more innocent than someone begging to be loved?

Nov 5, 2014 / Books & the Arts / Sarah Trudgeon

Puerto Rico: Land of the Noble/Valiant Lord! Puerto Rico: Land of the Noble/Valiant Lord!

We’re a fleshy circle of beached bachelorettes, tramp-stamps fading, bent over mini Boursins and Bordeaux brought down from the room on top of a resort on top of a reef: the garlic-breathed fruit of four thousand years of human habitation, from the good old Aceramics, the Taíno, fluorescing, and tireless reincarnations of colonizers to the new ground-sloths, the new giant island shrew: you, sunburnt, evolved, sipping rum and corn syrup from a purple plastic penis straw— barbasco to sacred vomit sticksv to Tylenol factories to this sludge-filled veiny verisimilitude— wondering how you landed yourself here: bridesmaid, la isla, Borinquen, a fortified interrobang trimmed in a Whore-Glo faux-feather boa as Russian businessmen offer you their warm Coronas, when all your life you’ve just been trying to make some progress.

Nov 5, 2014 / Books & the Arts / Sarah Trudgeon

Billboards Billboards

   Florida I-95 America Needs a Faith Lift; a pregnant woman with a stem rose and a pointing, bearded God quoting Jeremiah quoting God; a gray, washed-out steak: What Vegetarians Eat When They Cheat— or was it what the Vegetables ate? You could see where the grease once shone on the old meat. Inside, the silence. —Tell me something.v —No, you! We unbutton our pants. Arms jiggling over fifty-five, thighs spread out on the seat and as far as the eye can see: thousands of carfulls of spreading thighs, the feel and smell of the seatbelt nylon, cricked trapezii. V a s e c t o m y. Oh, to feel your hand on my knee! A lone willow in the field: textbook, and the toxic cows, the steak itself gnawing beside the flesh-filled cars, the rootless wombs that drive themselves.

Nov 5, 2014 / Books & the Arts / Sarah Trudgeon