Robert W. Snyder

Robert W. Snyder, director of the journalism and media studies
program at Rutgers University, Newark, and author of Transit Talk: New York's Bus and Subway Workers Tell Their Stories (Rutgers),is at work on a book about New
York City since 1945.

The Fourth Estate’s Estate The Fourth Estate’s Estate

Soon after the surrender of Nazi Germany, the reporter Martha Gellhorn made her way to Dachau. There she interviewed a recently liberated doctor who told her how the Germans im...

Sep 12, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Robert W. Snyder

A City That Worked A City That Worked

The New York of 1945 was the victorious city of the New Deal and World War II, one that can barely be glimpsed today beneath postmodern towers and billboards for dot-com enterprise...

Jul 13, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Robert W. Snyder