Robert Lipsyte

Robert Lipsyte, a TomDispatch regular and author of the memoir An Accidental Sportswriter, was a sports and city columnist for the The New York Times, a correspondent for CBS and NBC news and the Emmy-award winning host of WNET’s nightly public affairs show. His 1975 goodbye-to-all-that (before he came back), SportsWorld: An American Dreamland, has just been reissued by Rutgers University Press with a new introduction.

Lame Duck Pitcher Lame Duck Pitcher

Roger Clemens has done his damage, to himself and to baseball--and we will see him go down.

Mar 3, 2008 / Feature / Robert Lipsyte

Season of Scandals Season of Scandals

Sportswriters hyperventilate over scandals big and small. But when a football hero and Bush critic is shot three times at close range in Afghanistan, by friendly fire, why does no ...

Oct 9, 2007 / Feature / Robert Lipsyte

The Home-Run Wars The Home-Run Wars

Babe Ruth's big bang changed baseball forever, giving America a thrilling symbol of power and an itch for the quick fix at the ballpark and in the world. Why can't we just ban the ...

May 22, 2007 / Feature / Robert Lipsyte

Descent into March Madness Descent into March Madness

The Bracket Racket has dragged athletes and institutions of higher learning into the mud of big money and pseudo-professional sports.

Mar 20, 2007 / Feature / Robert Lipsyte

The Church of Football The Church of Football

If the holiest day on the American calendar is Super Bowl Sunday, Vince Lombardi and Joe Namath were its early saints. So what does that make Pat Tillman?

Jan 30, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Robert Lipsyte

Nascar Values Nascar Values

The Democrats won the House and the Senate because the Republicans lost the garage. How Nascar fans helped turn the tide of the election.

Nov 21, 2006 / Feature / Robert Lipsyte