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Richard Falk

Richard Falk, professor emeritus of international law and practice at Princeton University, is the former United Nations Human Rights Rapporteur in the Occupied Territories and a member of the Nation editorial board. He is the author of many books, including Chaos and Counterrevolution: After the Arab Spring.

  • PoliticsSeptember 20, 2001

    A Just Response

    We must act effectively but within a framework of moral and legal restraints.

    Richard Falk

  • MediaJune 21, 2001

    ‘The Vietnam Syndrome’

    The Kerrey revelations raise anew issues of morality and military power.

    Richard Falk

  • Non-fictionApril 20, 2000

    Hawking Vietnam

    With the twenty-fifth anniversary of the American withdrawal from Vietnam hard upon us, readers and viewers may well be treated to a multitude of reprises of the arguments surrounding the war and

    Richard Falk

  • Regions and CountriesMarch 22, 2000

    Kosovo Revisited

    During my recent visit to Kosovo two strong impressions emerged. The first is that the curse of Serbian oppression has been definitively lifted from the majority-Albanian population.

    Richard Falk

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  • Global OrganizationsJune 10, 1999

    Reflections on the War

    Only the most dedicated spinmaster at the White House would have the audacity to claim victory as the outcome of the NATO war, especially at this stage.

    Richard Falk