Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate and the author, most recently, of 
The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future.

His new book, Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lies and Lawbreaking Betray All, co-authored with Mark Green, is out next month.

King George & Comrade Paulson King George & Comrade Paulson

We need to put restraints on Wall Street's dangerous habit of gambling with other people's money.

Sep 24, 2008 / Editorial / Ralph Nader

How to Curb Corporate Power How to Curb Corporate Power

As corporations consolidate, they grab power from the public. Here are seven modest proposals to give power back to the public and avoid another Enron.

Sep 22, 2005 / Feature / Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader stands onstage at a campaign event in 2004

Ralph Nader Replies: Whither The Nation? Ralph Nader Replies: Whither The Nation?

  The following letter is a response to "An Open Letter to Ralph Nader," which appeared in the February 16 issue.

Feb 19, 2004 / Letters / Ralph Nader and The Editors

Corporate Welfare Spoils Corporate Welfare Spoils

In one of the most foolish and cruelly ironic urban public policy decisions in recent memory, New York Governor George Pataki and New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani are planning...

Apr 19, 2001 / Editorial / Ralph Nader

‘Supreme Coort Follows th’ Iliction’ ‘Supreme Coort Follows th’ Iliction’

'Supreme Coort Follows th' Iliction' Missoula, Mont. Thank you for your Supreme Court issue, "Up for Grabs: The Supreme Court and the Election" [Oct. 9], wh...

Oct 26, 2000 / Letters / Ralph Nader and Our Readers