Neve Gordon


Neve Gordon is the author of Israel’s Occupation (2008) and co-author of The Human Right to Dominate (2015) and Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire (forthcoming, 2020).

An Antiwar Movement Grows in Israel An Antiwar Movement Grows in Israel

A few months after the 1967 war, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, a professor at Hebrew University and a leading Israeli intellectual--who was also an observant Jew--stated that Israel must ...

Feb 7, 2002 / Editorial / Neve Gordon

Israel: Into the Abyss Israel: Into the Abyss

Ariel Sharon's government is failing to use nonviolent approaches in its confrontation with the Palestinians.

Sep 6, 2001 / Editorial / Neve Gordon

Cloud After Auschwitz Cloud After Auschwitz

You have "little trace," exclaimed Gershom Scholem in a letter he sent to the great Jewish political philosopher Hannah Arendt, of "love for the Jewish people." It was the early ...

Oct 26, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Neve Gordon

Israeli Doves Speak Out Israeli Doves Speak Out

Although most Israelis, even those who consider themselves members of the left, are blaming Yasir Arafat for escalating the current violence, some are trying to voice a different...

Oct 12, 2000 / Editorial / Neve Gordon

Neoliberals’ Paleomarkets Neoliberals’ Paleomarkets

In a book of interviews published a few years ago, Chronicles of Dissent, Noam Chomsky recounted a childhood incident that shaped his life.

May 27, 1999 / Books & the Arts / Neve Gordon