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Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Huffington Post, the Independent Film Channel,, Al Jazeera English and other publications. He is the author of the bestselling book Republican Gomorrah. His new book, just published, is Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel (Nation Books).

  • Election 2008August 20, 2008

    Obama Nation Author Jerome Corsi’s Racist History Exposed

    How a racist, conspiratorial crank became the Republican attack machine's anti-Obama point man.

    Max Blumenthal

  • August 5, 2008

    Lynching Advocate Toby Keith: Obama Acts White To Win

    Last week, I reported for the Huffington Post that country singer Toby Keith had performed a pro-lynching anthem on the Colbert Report, and would be playing the same song soon on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a slew of nationally televised talk shows.

    The lyrics of Keith's song, "Beer For My Horses," which I transcribed, could hardly be less explicit -- "Hang 'em high, for all the people to see." In my piece, I also noted the racially tinged nature of the song's video and the forthcoming movie that Keith's song inspired.

    Toby Keith's latest: Obama "talks, acts, and carries himself as a Caucausian."

    Max Blumenthal

  • Political FiguresJuly 2, 2008

    Inside Obama’s Christian Crusade

    With little to lose and everything to gain, Obama has lifted high the cross. But are there invisible strings attached?

    Max Blumenthal

  • Election 2008January 11, 2008

    The Real Mike Huckabee

    An interview with a preacher and longtime political confidant reveals that Huckabee's not the sunny figure the media's leading lights have conjured up.

    Max Blumenthal

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  • Higher EducationDecember 18, 2007

    A Hoax Exposed at Princeton

    When a strait-laced Princeton student claimed he was attacked by liberal thugs, the conservative establishment rallied around him--until it turned out to be a lie.

    Max Blumenthal

  • November 9, 2007

    A Video Report From “Islamofascism Awareness Week”

    During the week of October 21, far-right wing operative and former communist agitator David Horowitz deployed his allies to college campuses America to spout crude anti-Muslim invective and hype the threat of more terror attacks on the United States. Horowitz called this event "Islamofascism Awareness Week." Among his stable of campus speakers were noted Islam experts Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity.

    "Islamofascism Awareness Week" was, from the beginning, little more than a marathon fashion show for the paranoid style. But it was not until Horowitz muscled his way onto the campus of his alma mater, Columbia University, on October 26 that his event attained the commanding heights of reactionary hysteria.

    Max Blumenthal

  • August 8, 2007

    Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon

    Actor Stephen Baldwin, the youngest member of the famous Baldwin brothers, is no longer playing Pauly Shore's sidekick in comedy masterpieces like Biodome. He has a much more serious calling these days.

    Baldwin became a right-wing, born-again Christian after the 9/11 attacks, and now is the star of Operation Straight Up (OSU), an evangelical entertainment troupe that actively proselytizes amongactive-duty members of the US military. As an officialarm of the Defense Department's America Supports You program, OSU plans to mail copies of the controversial apocalyptic video game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces to soldiers serving in Iraq. OSU is also scheduled to embark on a "Military Crusade in Iraq" in the near future.

    "We feel the forces of heaven have encouraged us to perform multiple crusades that will sweep through this war torn region," OSU declares on its website about its planned trip to Iraq. "We'll hold the onlyreligious crusade of its size in the dangerous land of Iraq."

    Max Blumenthal

  • Election 2008July 16, 2007

    The Swift-boating of Mitt Romney

    Christian conservatives play the porn card in an attempt to discredit Mitt Romney and advance the cause of Fred Thompson.

    Max Blumenthal