Kim Phillips-Fein

Kim Phillips-Fein teaches American history at New York University’s Gallatin School and is the author of Invisible Hands and Fear City.

Exchange Exchange

Bulldog, Bulldog, Now Now Now Helaine S. Klasky, Nina Stachenfeld, Eric Alterman, Carol P. Christ, Kim Phillips-Fein

Aug 9, 2001 / Letters / Kim Phillips-Fein and Our Readers

Yale Bites Unions Yale Bites Unions

For God, country and the ruling class.

Jun 14, 2001 / Feature / Kim Phillips-Fein

Flower Power: The Lessons Flower Power: The Lessons

An article in the financial section of the New York Observer this spring described a company named Corporation.

Jun 8, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Kim Phillips-Fein

Feminine Mystiquers Feminine Mystiquers

For Danielle Crittenden, the "click" came when she was going to play tennis with her husband and a couple of acquaintances. She left her racket on one side of the court.

Mar 11, 1999 / Books & the Arts / Kim Phillips-Fein