Jeffrey Chester

Jeffrey Chester is executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy (, a Washington-based nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the diversity and openness of the new broadband communications systems. He is the author of Digital Destiny: New Media and the Future of Democracy, published by The New Press.

The End of the Internet? The End of the Internet?

Telephone and cable companies are crafting strategies to transform the free and open Internet to a privately run service that would charge a fee for virtually everything we do onli...

Feb 1, 2006 / Feature / Jeffrey Chester

ABC’s Digital Convention Scam ABC’s Digital Convention Scam

The Center for Digital Democracy is part of a "Public Interest, Public Airwaves" coalition supporting a policy that would require broadcasters to air more public service programmin...

Aug 25, 2004 / Feature / Jeffrey Chester

A Present for Murdoch A Present for Murdoch

The Bush Administration will make sure that no Grinch spoils Rupert Murdoch's holiday season.

Dec 4, 2003 / Editorial / Jeffrey Chester

Murdoch’s Extended Reach Murdoch’s Extended Reach

Rupert Murdoch will soon become an even more powerful presence in the US.

Jul 10, 2003 / Feature / Jeffrey Chester

There Is No Silver Lining There Is No Silver Lining

With Republicans in full control in Washington, next year's prospects are grim.

Nov 21, 2002 / Feature / David Helvarg, Jack Newfield, and Jeffrey Chester

A 12-Step Program for Media Democracy A 12-Step Program for Media Democracy

These days, it's the media conglomerates who are drunk with power--demanding a larger share of the nation's airwaves and threatening to turn the World Wide Web into an electronic...

Jul 23, 2002 / Feature / Jeffrey Chester and Gary O. Larson

Something Old, Something New Something Old, Something New

Media policy need to change in the digital ageā€”but how?

Dec 20, 2001 / Feature / Jeffrey Chester and Gary O. Larson

The Threat to the Net The Threat to the Net

Open access to the broadband Internet is essential if we are to insure that a diverse range of voices has a chance of reaching out to citizens in the new era of high-speed communic...

Sep 25, 2000 / Editorial / Jeffrey Chester