David L. Ulin

David L. Ulin is the author of The Myth of Solid Ground: Earthquakes, Prediction, and the Fault Line Between Reason and Faith, to be published by Viking Penguin in August. He edited Another City: Writing From Los Angeles (City Lights) and Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology (Library of America).

Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream

Daniel Fuchs's The Golden West is best read as an author's requiem for the Hollywood he loved.

Sep 1, 2005 / Books & the Arts / David L. Ulin

On Native Ground On Native Ground

I've long considered E.L. Doctorow the most American of contemporary writers--in a particularly classic sense.

Jun 10, 2004 / Books & the Arts / David L. Ulin

Universe of Faith and Terror Universe of Faith and Terror

Let's begin with a Denis Johnson moment. One Saturday, in Los Angeles, I venture out to buy a newspaper; when I get home, I discover, wedged between its C and D sections, a grainy...

Jun 7, 2001 / Books & the Arts / David L. Ulin