Dave Zirin

Sports Editor


Dave Zirin is the sports editor at The Nation. He is the author of 11 books on the politics of sports. He is also the coproducer and writer of the new documentary Behind the Shield: The Power and Politics of the NFL.

Say It Ain’t So, Big Leagues Say It Ain’t So, Big Leagues

Strip-mining the Dominican Republic for talent, Major League Baseball periodically plucks one lucky boy from his home and family and gives him a dream for a better life. But what h...

Oct 26, 2005 / Feature / Dave Zirin

Pat Tillman, Our Hero Pat Tillman, Our Hero

War hero and former NFL star Pat Tillman was not the GI Joe icon created by Pentagon spinmeisters. He was a fiercely independent thinker convinced that the war in Iraq was illegal....

Oct 6, 2005 / Dave Zirin

Etan Thomas Rises to the Occasion Etan Thomas Rises to the Occasion

Washington Wizards power forward Etan Thomas is using his swoosh-adorned status as a sports star to speak out on the gross negligence of the Bush Administration.

Sep 14, 2005 / Feature / Dave Zirin

What’s My Name, Fool? What’s My Name, Fool?

In The Godfather, Part II, dying mob boss Hyman Roth wheezes the obscene truth to young Don Michael Corleone.

Aug 2, 2005 / Feature / Dave Zirin