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Dave Zirin

Sports Editor

Dave Zirin, The Nation’s sports editor, is the author of ten books on the politics of sports, most recently, The Kaepernick Effect: Taking a Knee, Changing the World. Named one of UTNE Reader’s “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World,” Zirin is a frequent guest on ESPN, MSNBC, and Democracy Now! He also hosts The Nation’s Edge of Sports podcast. You can find all his work or contact him through his website Follow him on twitter @EdgeofSports.

  • HumorJune 2, 2006

    The Rockies Pitch Religion

    The Colorado Rockies recruit Christian players and claim God is at work on their game. Major League Baseball woos evangelicals with special "Faith Days at the Park." Something's going on here, but it has nothing to do with God.

    Dave Zirin

  • HumorMay 26, 2006

    Ricky Williams Dreams of Canada

    Former Heisman trophy winner and ganja-smoking peacenik Ricky Williams is contemplating the sweet life in the Canadian Football League. Here's hoping he finds it.

    Dave Zirin

  • Regions and CountriesMay 16, 2006

    Using Soccer to Kick Iran

    To World Cup aficionados, soccer is a beautiful game, but to ideologues in the United States and Europe, it's a convenient political weapon against Iran's nuclear ambitions. Talk about spoilsports.

    Dave Zirin and John Cox

  • HistoryMay 8, 2006

    Bonding With the Babe

    Bashing Barry Bonds has become a national sport, as the flawed slugger nears matching Babe Ruth's record. But hasn't anyone considered the faults of the Babe?

    Dave Zirin

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  • SportsApril 27, 2006

    Sacrifice Play

    By selecting George Mitchell to head a steroids inquiry, Major League Baseball keeps the focus strictly on players, not on the owners who silently encourage abuse.

    Dave Zirin

  • SportsMarch 15, 2006

    A Whole New Ball Game

    Major League Baseball owners may gripe, but the World Baseball Classic provides a glimpse of an alternative future for our national pastime.

    Dave Zirin

  • MediaFebruary 22, 2006

    The Olympics We Missed

    The Winter Olympics are to NBC what icebergs were to the Titanic. Jingoistic, condescending coverage missed the real drama.

    Dave Zirin

  • Racism and DiscriminationFebruary 6, 2006

    The Value of a Number

    Racial tensions between black and Latino players have been exposed in the ongoing controversy over how to honor Roberto Clemente.

    Dave Zirin

  • SportsJanuary 20, 2006

    The Slave Side of Sunday

    On the eve of the Super Bowl, former cornerback Anthony Prior raises hot-button allegations of racism in the National Football League.

    Dave Zirin

  • ActivismDecember 7, 2005

    The Silencing of Carlos Delgado

    The New York Mets' squelching of first baseman Carlos Delgado's longstanding protest of the war in Iraq during the seventh-inning stretch speaks volumes about how the rules of the game have changed on political dissent.

    Dave Zirin