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Christine Owens

Christine Owens is executive director of the National Employment Law Project.

  • LaborNovember 23, 2010

    Will Congress Turn Its Back on Jobless Americans?

    A minority in the House of Representatives has blocked reauthorization of federal unemployment benefits. If Congress doesn't act quickly, the long-term unemployed will start dropping from the benefits rolls.

    Christine Owens

  • EconomyMarch 12, 2009

    Rebuilding a Good Jobs Economy

    In this deep economic crisis, we have an opportunity to set the bar higher. Let's not just stimulate the economy; let's rebuild it with good jobs.

    Annette Bernhardt and Christine Owens

  • February 24, 2006


    A judge in Colombia has ruled that a bicycle courier be jailed for four years for grabbing a woman's bum while he whizzed past her on the street. When the grabber was caught, Diana Marcela Diaz, the grabbed, was given three choices: let him go, file a complaint, or slap him. She chose the precedent-setting but perhaps less-immediately gratifying route of filing a complaint. Now that cyclist will have four long years to think about what he's done.

    The Colombians may have overreacted just a little, but the Italians could take a clue from their playbook. Last weekend it was reported in the Times that Italy's highest court ruled that sexually abusing a girl who is not a virgin is a less serious crime than sexually abusing a virgin. I'd like to face the judge of that court with the same three options that Diana Marcela Diaz had; I think I'd take option 2 AND 3.

    Christine Owens

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