Letters From the November 16/23, 2020, Issue

Letters From the November 16/23, 2020, Issue

Letters From the November 16/23, 2020, Issue

L’union fait la force… A familiar playbook… The fine print… Please don’t go!


L’Union Fait la Force

Thank you for the stunning article about Haiti and the Bahamas [“After Dorian: No Exit” by Sonia Shah, October 5/12]. Haitians deserve to be acknowledged as great revolutionaries, miraculously kicking out the French, and—until conquered by our own “great country”—leading egalitarian lives close to the land. Along with climate justice, we desperately need working folks to stick together; that is what it will take to turn the world upside down, because we cannot live without labor.
Michele Marlowe

A Familiar Playbook

Re “Swamp Thing” by Bob Moser [October 5/12]: Please, this will be a Mitch McConnell wipeout.

Funny how the Democratic National Committee funded Amy McGrath before the Kentucky Democratic primary, with solicitations as if she were the only one to take on “Moscow Mitch” and ignoring Charles Booker and Mike Broihier, two progressives espousing policies similar to Bernie Sanders’s.

Support another DINOcrat neoliberal candidate like before? Those worked out so well. The same playbook is being used in the presidential campaign. Marvelous.

Edward Thompson

The Fine Print

I’m a subscriber of 71 years, and this is the best design in a long time [“Not Just a New Look” by D.D. Guttenplan, October 5/12]. Thanks for scrapping the TMI look in favor of more penetrating analysis.
Gloria Sparrow
mill valley, calif.

As a longtime reader, subscriber, and occasional contributor, I object to the new font size. I find the print too small to read, so I missed out on reading new pieces by Michael Kazin and Katha Pollitt and one on Orlando Patterson. Make it more legible, or I quit the journal, with much regret.
Jules Chametzky
northampton, mass.

Congratulations on the new look. I like it a lot better than the old one. But I am disappointed that, having gone to all the trouble to change your style, you chose to maintain the tiny point size for normal text. As a 75-year-old who has been a steady subscriber for decades, I am probably typical of your print audience. My eyes can no longer easily read the small print without fatigue. Your younger readers probably do their reading online on their device screens and can adjust the text size as they please. We older print readers don’t have that luxury. Couldn’t you increase the size? I canceled my subscription to Jacobin because the point size is too small. The sleek layout and imagery don’t matter to me if I can’t read the articles. I hope I don’t have to cancel The Nation as well.
David Schonfeld
west hartford, conn.

Please Don’t Go!

Editor’s note: Our redesigned pages have the same main font and type size (Janson, 9.5 points) as before. If reading online is an option for you, a digital version of all stories in our print edition is available to subscribers at TheNation.com.

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