How the Biden Campaign Can Turn Trump’s ‘Strength’ Into a Weakness

How the Biden Campaign Can Turn Trump’s ‘Strength’ Into a Weakness

How the Biden Campaign Can Turn Trump’s ‘Strength’ Into a Weakness

Too many Americans still give Trump unwarranted credit for the economy.


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Political strategist Karl Rove famously advised attacking an opponent’s strength and turning it into a weakness. Joe Biden should take note.

Polls find President Trump leading Biden in one area. It isn’t character, competence or the coronavirus. It’s the economy.

Trump, of course, trumpets the pre-pandemic economy as the greatest ever. Facts show this isn’t true. And while Trump presents himself as a populist fighting for working Americans, his policies are largely drawn from the traditional conservative playbook and benefit the few. Let’s look at how his promises to forgotten workers have been broken.

Read the full text of Katrina’s column here.

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