On Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, Nation writer Johann Hari discusses his recent article, "The Wrong Kind of Green." Hari reveals the misguided agenda of conservation groups who have sided with some of the worst polluters in the world. The consequences of doing so have left them dismissing real-world solutions to global warming.

"Why would these groups who are funded to some degree by ordinary good Americans concerned by these great crisis? Why would they be behaving this way? " asks Hari. "The only explanation that anybody could come up with is that they were taking money from the worst polluters in the world."

Hari is joined by author of Green Inc. Christine MacDonald, who once worked with Conservation International and is referenced in Hari’s piece. From MacDonald’s experience, she reports that in many ways, conservation groups have become like corporations themselves, siding with corporate giants and supporting their agenda in return for money.

Clarissa Leon

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