As the President prepares to sign legislation that renews Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, The Nation has continued to fight for the rights of working people and the unemployed. Last week I sat down with Thom Hartmann on his new show for an extended two-part interview to discuss the biggest problems we now face—including economic inequality—and the path to recovery. I argued that we need to take a cue from Senator Bernie Sanders who spoke for over eight hours last week and stood up for citizens’ voices in this tax debate. With overwhelming corporate power and unprecedented inequality, Washington needs to take its focus off the deficit and prioritize job creation. You can watch that interview in two segments here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Be sure to check out more Nation coverage of the tax cut deal as well. DC Editor Chris Hayes wrote about how conservatives don’t actually care about deficits or the national debt in his piece Tax Cuts Forever?, and contributing writer Ari Berman blogged about progressives’ anger over the deal and Obama’s endorsement of the "Bush/McCain" philosophy he once campaigned on ending. Read that post here, and stay tuned for more.

Also this week…

LISTEN: Ari Berman on Talk of the Nation

This week Ari Berman and Howard Dean joined NPR’s Talk of the Nation for a conversation on the state of the Democratic Party and President Obama. As some progressives hope for a primary challenger to Obama in 2012, Dean says he won’t take on that role. Berman argues that even if Obama doesn’t face a primary challenge, he still must address the unrest and anger among his base. "Democrats are very restless on a whole number of issues," Berman stated, "And that anxiety has just increased with this latest tax cut compromise." Have the Democrats compromised too much? Find out more and listen to that conversation here.

CONVERSATION: Laurie Penny on UK Student Protest

New Statesman journalist Laurie Penny joined us from London on The Nation on GRITtv to report back from the Parliament Square protest last week as the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition voted to pass legislation that may triple the cost of higher education. Protesters were met with violence from the police, with several individuals severely injured. Penny told host Laura Flanders that this is a defining moment: "There is no longer a stable contract between the government and its citizens." Find out more about this important, under-covered issue here

PODCAST: The Breakdown with Chris Hayes

This week’s Breakdown with Nation DC Editor Chris Hayes takes a look at Julian Assange—and whether he could be prosecuted for spying under the 1917 Espionage Act. What are the implications for journalism outlets such as the New York Times if Assange is prosecuted? Could the Times as well face criminal charges? Joining Hayes for the conversation is American University Professor of Law Steve Vladeck, who testified before Congress yesterday to discuss this very same topic. You can download that podcast here.


Finally, tune in to CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday where I will discuss the tax deal coverage, Sarah Palin, and the tears of John Boehner. Catch the full show on Sunday at 11:00am ET or check back to next week for highlights.

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