RNC ROUNDUP. We hope you were able to follow The Nation’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week, including video reports from Francis Reynolds and a nightly illustrated RNC live blog from cartoonist Steve Brodner. George Zornick reports that a collection of transportation companies threw a party for Congressional leaders, using a trick to avoid breaking ethics rules. Ben Adler exposes the tokenism of the RNC speaker schedule. And we’re setting the record straight on the reality of a Romney/Ryan administration: read more from Betsy Reed on Obama and welfare and John Nichols on Paul Ryan’s lies. And be sure to check out “The Nation at the RNC” on Storify for more from our reporting team, as well as analysis from around the country.

“Paul Ryan’s Growth Agenda” by Steve Brodner.

REPORTING FROM CHARLOTTE. The Democratic National Convention officially gets underway on Tuesday, and The Nation will be on the scene in Charlotte. Stay tuned for the latest reporting, analysis and multimedia from inside the convention hall.

CITIZENS UNITED & FOREIGN SPENDING. In this week’s issue, Lee Fang investigates how US and foreign corporations are able to secretly spend millions on political campaigns under the cover of trade associations. Published in collaboration with the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, Fang reveals that, as a result of the Roberts Court and Citizens United, existing laws cannot stop anonymous spending from corporations. Read his piece, “Never Mind the Super PACs: How Big Business Is Buying the Election,” for more.

A PEOPLE’S CONVENTION. Along with the Progressive Democrats of America, The Nation is pleased to sponsor Progressive Central 2012, a convention to plan for a more progressive future. Join Washington correspondent John Nichols in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday, September 4, for a series of panels and guided conversations geared towards movement-building. For tickets, schedule and more, visit the Progressive Central website.