In his recent column, Alexander Cockburn highlighted "America’s number-one problem: a huge chunk of the population barely survives on starvation wages" and identified those few politicians fighting for the most vital economic issue in American politics today. One of them, longtime populist Senator Tom Harkin, is aggressively trying to do something about wage stagnation in the US.


One key provision of Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) Rebuild America Act calls for raising the minimum wage to $9.80—a 35 percent hike—and pegging the wage to inflation. The legislation would also ensure that all workers have access to paid sick days, establish a Wall Street trading and speculators tax, end tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas and help protect pensions. Tell your elected reps to vote in favor of the Rebuild America Act. It’s about both fairness and reinvigorating our economy. After making your voice heard, share this info with friends, family, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.


Center for American Progress Fellow David Madland’s deep analysis of the Rebuild America Act shows how the Iowa Senator’s bill could help rekindle the US economy.


A recent study found the distribution of wealth in the US is among the most unequal among industrialized nations. The United States ranked in the bottom five on a combination of issues including poverty prevention, health and access to education—ahead of only Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey.