The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is leading a nationwide marching tour this month to demand better working conditions for farmworkers in Florida. The mistreatment of farmworkers is an endemic and nearly invisible problem in the United States; CIW fights for these underrepresented workers by pressuring fast-food companies to not purchase produce from farms with a history of labor violations. 

This week’s Take Action Now shows you how to get involved with this historic labor action, and also offers ways to help combat climate change and resist Trump’s national-emergency declaration.

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The House of Representatives last week passed a resolution overturning Trump’s bogus national-emergency declaration, and the Senate by law is required to vote on the resolution in the coming weeks. At least three Republicans have already defected from the president and indicated they’ll support it, but we need to keep the pressure on. Call your senators today, especially if you’re in a red state, and urge them to commit to voting for the resolution.


On March 15, students across the country will be walking out of school as part of the first US Youth Climate Strike, demanding their representatives take immediate action on climate change. Encourage young people you know to get involved in a march in your area by spreading the word, transporting those still too young to drive to the protests, and/or helping organize a march if your city doesn’t have one planned already.


The Fair Food Tour is targeting Wendy’s, which has long refused to sign a contract with the CIW. Farmworkers will be marching in four cities; you can join them in Gainesville, Florida, and Columbus, Ohio, by signing up to participate here. If you can’t make it, organize a protest or flyering event at a Wendy’s near you.