Last week state legislatures in Alabama and Missouri passed bills that effectively outlawed abortion altogether, with no exceptions for cases of rape or incest. These laws are part of the anti-choice movement’s strategy to send an abortion case to a newly conservative Supreme Court. The ultimate goal is to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Most Americans believe in access to safe and affordable abortion. This week’s Take Action Now offers ways you can help preserve reproductive choice in America.

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As the bans passed, people who’ve had abortions took to social media to share their stories with the hashtag #YouKnowMe. You can help raise your voice against these draconian laws by signing Planned Parenthood’s #StopTheBans petition and adding your name to Daily Kos’s message to US courts.


If you can’t make it to one of the #StopTheBans actions happening coast to coast this week, you can attend one of two Planned Parenthood webinars that will show you how to resist these laws during the upcoming congressional recess. Sign up here for a session either tonight or Thursday evening.


As GOP-held states seek to outlaw abortion, supporting the few remaining providers in those states becomes absolutely critical. After donating to an abortion fund yourself, find a friend and consider co-hosting a fundraiser where friends, family, and neighbors can gather to support organizations like Yellowhammer Fund. You can find guidelines for hosting a successful fundraiser here, or get involved with the National Network of Abortion Funds’s series of bowling fundraiser events