This Wednesday is the first debate of the Democratic primary, and all eyes will be on the 20 presidential candidates who made the cut as they compete to prove they’re the best choice to defeat President Trump and push the country in a more progressive direction. But now that the Democratic National Committee has declined to hold a debate focused on climate change, we need to do everything we can to raise awareness of the global threat posed by rising carbon emissions.

This week’s Take Action Now gives you two ways to push the candidates on climate change, plus one way to mobilize against rising tensions with Iran.

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Climate change is a topic big enough for its own debate, but since the DNC has refused to commit to one, we need to make sure it’s front and center at all the other debates. First educate yourself about where the candidates stand on the issue, then sign this petition urging NBC and MSNBC to ask the candidates about the climate crisis.


The United States came closer than ever to war with Iran over the weekend when Trump launched, then abruptly canceled, a military strike against the country, a strike that might have killed more than 100 people. We’re going to need all hands on deck to make sure this doesn’t happen again: call your representative today and use this script to ask them how they plan to restrain the administration’s war agenda.


Sunrise Movement is hosting debate watch parties across the country on Wednesday in which activists will flood social media with tweets about climate change and strategize about how to hold candidates accountable as the primary continues. Find a watch party near you or sign up to host one yourself, then register as a volunteer for Change the Climate 2020 to keep up the fight going forward.