Vote Vets, a coalition of soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, have produced three of the best and most powerful tv ads of this political season.

These ads show how profoundly anti-military the Republican Party has become, by cutting veterans’ health care in a time of war, by sending our troops into battle without the body armor they needed and by hyping a non-existent threat in Iraq that has made America less secure and needlessly put our loved ones at risk.

A related group, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), recently released a report card grading how Congress voted on issues important to recent war vets. Eighty six members of Congress received a “D” or an “F.” All of the twelve flunkees were Republicans. In contract, virtually the entire “A Team” is compromised of Democrats.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even an A student, to figure out which party really supports the troops. That’s why so many vets, from Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak and Chris Carney in Pennsylvania, to Tammy Duckworth in Illinois to Charlie Brown in California are in good shape 24 hours before the polls close.