The Sleaziest Campaign Ads of 2008

The Sleaziest Campaign Ads of 2008

Here are five nominees for the most revolting, dishonest and remarkably sleazy campaign ads of the year.


In this video, Talking Points Memo takes a look back at this year’s sleaziest campaign commercials as a part of the website’s first annual Golden Dukes awards. The awards seek to “recognize great accomplishments in muckiness including acts of venal corruption, outstanding self-inflicted losses of dignity, crimes against the republic, bribery, exposed hypocrisy and generally malevolent governance.” And what a year it’s been! From John McCain’s insinuation that Barack Obama favors sex education for kindergarten students to Liddy Dole’s assertion that her opponent cavorted with “godless” fundraisers, the mudslinging was fierce and the messages downright ridiculous. Winners of the Golden Dukes awards will be announced December 31. You can see a full list of the nominees here.

Marissa Colón-Margolies

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