Jeremy Scahill, Nation correspondent and author of Blackwater:
The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army
, appears on
The Rachel Maddow Show
to discuss the recent influx of for-profit
security contractors in Haiti. The show reports that one group,
Evergreen, has already confirmed arrival. Following in Evergreen’s
footsteps, All Pro Legal Investigations, registered the URL: On the
site they claim to offer, among other things, “high threat
terminations.” Although All Pro Legal are “nobodies” in the security
industry, Scahill explains that larger contractors have already begun
hiring workers to deploy in Haiti. The question arises, who will oversee
the groups in such a lawless environment? “Seems like the last thing
Haitians need,” says Scahill, “[is] yet more unaccountable people with
guns in their country.”

Clarissa León

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