Save Our Schools

Save Our Schools

This Tuesday a rally in Gainesville calls for saving higher ed in Florida.


By Peter Laumann.


Higher education in Florida has been put at risk by draconian budget cuts that have put entire departments and, even, universities in jeopardy throughout the state. Students are not sitting idly by, and have determined to give voice to our concerns and interests as participants in the process of deciding the future of our education. To this end, a new coalition, Save Our Schools, has brought together thousands of students and numerous student organizations who are deeply concerned about the future of Florida higher education and willing to take a stand to save it.

We are a coalition of students committed to maintaining the quality of higher education in the state of Florida. Taking into account the constraints in Florida’s education budget, we are dedicated to working with staff, faculty, administration, and alumni to generate and advance a conversation on the issue. We hope to build the widest and largest possible cross-section of students, faculty, and other interests in order to press for a solution to our budget crisis that protects Florida’s higher education.

Acknowledging the diverse range of ideas surrounding the future of higher education, all students are invited and urged to get involved with the coalition. We believe as students we not only have a voice, but by coming together we can effectively produce a forward-thinking platform to save higher education in the state of Florida! Only through making our voice heard can we let our representatives and communities know that students care and will make a stand in defense of our higher education. We are open to any means possible to make sure that Florida’s higher education system provides students a quality experience.

We will be holding a rally at the University of Florida in Gainesville to reflect our commitment to higher education and organize the next step. The event will be held Tuesday, April 7th at noon, in the University of Florida Plaza of the Americas, with faculty, student, and community support. We will provide participants further information and opportunities for involvement, including letters and phone banking to representatives in order to raise visibility and awareness of our situation.

This rally is only the beginning of our efforts, as we will continue to pursue ways to protect our education system and make students’ voices heard on this vital issue. Click here for more info.

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