Republicans Smear the Stimulus

Republicans Smear the Stimulus

Nation contributor and Grit TV host Laura Flanders weighs in on how Republicans really have no plan other than opposing Obama’s plans.


Laura Flanders of GRITtv and The
talks to former governor Howard Dean, the guest host of
MSNBC’s Countdown, about Republicans and the stimulus bill. While
Republicans opposed the stimulus bill in public, many of them have
been taking credit for it at home, and a new ad from the Democratic
National Committee calls out by name several prominent Congressional
leaders for doing just that. Flanders notes that it’s good to see the
DNC going on the offensive, and that the Republicans really have no
plan other than opposing Obama’s plans. However, she points out that
this alone won’t be enough for Democrats to win midterm
elections–they will have to deliver on their promises, help
the economy recover
, and most of all deliver a healthcare
with a strong public option.

Sarah Jaffe

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