Puzzle No. 3468

Puzzle No. 3468


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 1  Composer’s pants: Sample of inseam is blue, unfortunately (4,8)

 9 After onset of tragedy, regretful one is more loyal (5)

10 Lebanon long ago crushed hope in American spooks (9)

11 Lay it out in a condescending way: “37.5 percent of Manitoba is prairie”

12 Choose segment of science lecture (5)

13 Bats can be heard in a dark river (4)

14 Measure ruffle around front of Ukrainian passport, perhaps (5,5)

17 Large pieces of concert equipment? Hell, they’re meant to control the
lighting (10)

19 Confuse Rio with the center of Santa Fe (4)

22 Doctor among handsome Dickens characters (5)

23 Spicy? Season with something you might find in Yellowstone (3,6)

26 Ed crossed out guidelines on what to wear (5,4)

27 Cutting into small bits, having thrown away the first to make part of
cake (5)

28 Begged to share, finally, in prankster’s oversize sandwich (6-6)


 1 Travel in vessel taken over by young Australian? (7)

 2 Sudden rude burp splits a shirt (6)

 3 Photograph and letter from Greece tossed into the ocean (5)

 4 What they serve in college dining halls in Providence and Houston?

 5 Knight’s beginning to lament an animal found in the jungle with its
head cut off (8)

 6 I give up ace with no foul (7)

 7 Moat destroyed with a kind of bomb (4)

 8 Place bug in mobile phone for temple (8)

13 Like some millionaires, they claim—flipping over cheese and meat,
mostly (4-4)

15 Abhorrent, despicable mole represses curses (9)

16 Encourages exotic spy to start to calmly shove back (6,2)

18 My dear, I went through changes in June or July (7)

20 Mountain with more precipitation (7)

21 Boost image that captures time in Great Britain (6)

24 Unifying idea in an article on Maine (5)

25 Jobs’ units of computer storage (4)



ACROSS 1 TO(TALE + CLIPS)E 9 O + R + RIN[d] 10 RE(CO)GNIZ + E (zinger rev.) 11 “Grace, kale” 12 K + IS + S 14 O + NEW + A + Y 15 ESP + RES[t] + SO 17 T + RAVEL + ER 19 “sigh, key” 22 2 defs. 23 PLAIN + TIFF 26 A + L(TERN)ATE (teal anag.) 27 anag. 28 letter bank

DOWN 1 pun 2 TART + [h]ARE 3 L AND S + CAPES 4 C(ERE)AL 5 IN + CREASE 6 SAG A (rev.) 7 “serious” 8 GE(MSTO)NE (Tom’s anag.) 13 anag. 14 OPTI(CIA)N 16 TEMP + LATE 18 ASS-ETS 20 C + RINGER 21 TA + LENT 24 rev. 25 2 defs.

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