Puzzle No. 3428

Puzzle No. 3428


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 1 Losing face and turning around: psychological problems for a children’s
doctor? (5)

 4 Australian native to evade law (8)

 8 Courts keeping us in a foreign country (7)

 9 Bears in a snapshot, at a loss for words (7)

11 Electronic handle on retro computer is covered with a glossy surface (9)

12 Decorate nurse after commotion (5)

13 Hot cereal as an appetizer? $&@#%*^! (4)

14 Circular trestle? (10)

17 Storehouse of edited prose beginning to irritate conservative (10)

19 Pole, for example, starts to slip, limiting American vaulter (4)

22 Complex tradition conceals more (5)

23 Someone on the radio with Fred Astaire, say, coming in late to
accommodate a person, place, or thing (9)

24Psycho is crosscut? (7)

25 One follows corrupt aims of gangsters (7)

26  Roosevelt’s unconsummated affair maintaining status (8)

27 I’m having fun with large spinner (5)


 1 Bad roast reeks terribly for some on 27s (13)

 2 Shipping company originally transported paintings for parvenu (7)

 3 Upset? Howl loudly for dessert (6)

 4 Most fatal diseases initially let ideas run rampant (9)

 5 Cold and firm vegetable (5)

 6 Like a necklace worn by the man, topless? (8)

 7 Attack the French scream (4,3)

10 Trial on covers can be this! (13)

15 Autocrat converted angstrom to newton (9)

16 Killer and jerk like immoral behavior (8)

18 Favorite class becomes less important (7)

20 A closet that’s messy? Some people can’t tolerate it (7)

21 A lot of claptrap, so cute it’s a laugh (6)

23 Income tax: time to feel sick about promotion (5)



ACROSS 1 SERGE + I + PRO-KOFI + EV[en] 9 C/O + ASTER 10 SCOR(PI)O 11 RI(OGRAN)DE (organ anag.) 12 rev. 14 MEN + AGE + ATROIS (anag.) 18 SI(L(VERB)ULL)ET (ties anag.) 23 “acher” 24 S(NOW)F + LAKE 27 TANG(EL)O 28 S + TUMBLE 29 anag.

DOWN 1 SE(CU)RE 2 RE A SON 3 [c]ENTER 4 PIR + A(N)HA (rev.) 5 O.B. SCENE 6 initial letters 7 IMP + “risen” 8 V(IOL)INS (oil anag.) 13 STY + E 15 [d]EWER (rev.) 16 “knew” 17 anag. 18 STAR + TUP (rev.) 19 B(ASS)OON 20 LOO(KSA)T (rev.) 21 BAM + BOO 22 HER + EOF (rev.) 25 2 defs. 26 “air”

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