Puzzle No. 3311

Puzzle No. 3311

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Sharp-edged USA shirt folds for one killed in the 28 (7,7)

 8 Aluminum found by one who goes underground, for example! (7)

 9 Line used for drawing to distort power (7)

11 Harsh and dry, containing carbon (5)

12 Carload Mr. Savage covered with protective layer (5-4)

13 Body of prophet from the East (4)

14 Placate pushy type, restraining academic (6,4)

18 Writer’s jig snarled terribly… (1,1,8)

19 …on a spinner (4)

22 In a garment, the stretchy part is an extravagance, forbidden to be spoken of (9)

25 Strange moon lander returning less than halfway (5)

26 Citadel is stormed, in a manner of speaking (7)

27 Paint the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch, almost suppressing sob (7)

28 New England city and state with a piece of land that brought the death of 1-Across (6,8)


 1 They clash, and it sounds like they stand for something (7)

 2 Know-nothing featured in campaign (or a musical) (9)

 3 Weird Al’s specialty punishment: interrupting compensation (6)

 4 Mineo’s a dip (5)

 5 Belatedly crept around slowly, say, with heads on a big stick (5,4)

 6 Why, to run amok is contemptible (8)

 7 Rise to go back through waterfall on Kilimanjaro (5)

10 Communist that is traveling up and down (5)

15 Masculine role: to whip a cocktail (9)

16 6+3+51 Celsius—that’s scathing (9)

17 They measure your apartment and keep you out of the army (4,4)

18 Talked a lot—yes, in German—and then got married (5)

20 Criticize pine with flair (7)

21 URL was tweaked to represent character from Lewis Carroll (6)

23 I’m past a developmental phase (5)

24 Professional organization led by one of its members into an intense situation (5)


ACROSS 1 U(TA)H 3 BEN + EFI(CIA)L (file anag.) 10 S(PIE)S 11 hidden 12 RA(NSA)CK 13 C(H)ARTER 14 PE + NSA + COLA 17 D(I)C + E + D 18 ATS(E)A (Asta rev.) 20 C + OR (NSA) LAD 23 TI(EGA)ME (age rev.) 24 S(CIA)TIC[k] 26 CHAR(AC)TER 27 LOGI[cia]N 28 ENUN(CIA)TES (nut seen anag.) 29 G(R)AY

DOWN 1 UN + STRAP (rev.) 2 hidden 4 EBO(O)K (rev.) 5 EASYC (anag.) + HAIR 6 anag. 7 I + DENT + I + CAL[l] 8 L(A[bbe]Y)ERED (elder anag.) 9 anag. 15 anag. 16 ORCHE (anag.) + STRA (rev.) 18 anag. 19 A + RAM + AIC (rev.) 21 anag. 22 DECE + N(C)Y 24 anag. 25 TI(G)ER

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