Puzzle No. 3304

Puzzle No. 3304

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 5 Conviction set us back as I invested in Evita (10)

 7 Front of paddleboat is put in the garage (4)

10 Some lions meddled loudly with 22’s companion (5)

11 Author Katherine, in a male domain, precedes 7 (9)

12 Hawaiian goose takes lick flying around in a V, perhaps (8)

14 Irritate radius and joint (6)

17 Awareness of family member in the grip of second childhood (11)

20 Supports illegitimate e-sales (6)

21 Response to a comedy: kill without scruples at the opening (8)

22 Corrupt rep with power to conceal Democratic bias (9)

25 I fled from martial arts instructor, feeling connected to 17 (5)

26 Lazarus returned in the morning with me (4)

27 A junta seen in disarray by a novelist, most of whose titles appear nearby (4,6)


 1 South Americans sporting saber smashed parts of the skull (10)

 2 Redhead to deploy trick (4)

 3 Feathers this section of the puzzle (4)

 4 Leaders of youth are likely enrolled in university (4)

 5 Detective overlooks a knocking sound in the plumbing (6)

 6 Almost halfway frisky on the subject of word meanings (8)

 8 Organ, or part of organ, obscuring terrible din (6)

 9 Expunging two diametrically opposed outcomes on a test? (8)

13 Raucous Moulin includes the French floor covering (8)

15 Harry Potter with inky substance that counteracts supernatural powers (10)

16 Italian road involved in crash of semi (8)

18 Men and women quietly elope in a flurry (6)

19 Holy man briefly leaving fish and egg (4,2)

23 Michael Moore describes a red puppet (4)

24 I can take in premiere of Moonraker in huge movie format (4)

25 Raised objections in a minimal Wikipedia article (4)


1 anag. 5 ERO(TI)C (rev.) 10 anag. (&lit.) 11 rev. hidden 12 anag. 13 E(G + G)ON 15 hidden 18 CAS(SAT)T 19 anag. 21 anag. 23 rev. 24 anag. 28 anag. 29 HOT + [h]EL[l] 30 P[r]INCE-R 31 anag.

DOWN 1 2 defs. 2 R + IGOR 3 ON(TAR)IO[n] 4 EXI(S)T 6 R + EGRETS 7 TE(LEG + RAP)H (the anag.) 8 C OR O NATION 9 anag. 14 COMICS’ TRIP 16 2 defs. 17 anag. 20 RI(POS)TE (sop rev.) 22 TEA(CHE)R 25 init. letters  26 anag. 27 G(L)OP

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