Puzzle No. 3207

Puzzle No. 3207


 1 Polish a cow’s utterances to create menu item (7,5)
10 Menu item (burp!) tosses slurs all over the place (8,7)
11 Speaker placing conjunction beside conjunction (6)
12 Running back through Utah, pat one celebratory monument (8)
14 Menu item requires money from a folder? (6,5)
17 and 23 Speak of naïveté, so to speak (2,1,5)
18 See 24
19 Towhead, on shifting front to back, to whip up menu item (6,5)
22 You in stockings? That’s pretty steamy (8)
24 and 18 After musical note, avant-garde tune incorporated composition by J.S. Bach (6,2,1)
27 Menu item makes vice and immorality smart and cool, so they say (10,5)
28 “Love Me Tender”: off-key menu item (6,6)
 2 Say, you have… you will… uh… something hanging down the back of your throat (5)
 3 Wrapped in foil, his synthetic substance with health benefits (4,3)
 4 Primarily, lay (or lie) lazily! (4)
 5 Garbage was there, outside (5)
 6 Rising star gulps, overstressed and on edge (7)
 7 Auto sails around town near the Golden Gate Bridge (9)
 8 Leopold, to name one, is flowering (6)
 9 Like complicated math, it can take your breath away (6)
13 At first, student can read (4)
15 Tobacco-stained coin, bent with prongs (9)
16 Assert a German car takes in oxygen (4)
18 Chat distractedly in Iowa, where some Ivy Leaguers can be found (6)
19 Asian ballad: “Sea Whispers” (7)
20 “Liveliness”: in Italy, what describes a baked good (7)
21 A vital developing nation (6)
23 See 17
25 Useful and necessary for playing “QUIZ” in Scrabble (5)
26 Going up and down, it’s the same guy (4)
ACROSS 1 INCAS + E 4 COAL + ES(C)E (see anag.) 9 anag. 11 T + ANGLED 12 hidden 13 COMP[l]ETE 14 L + ARK 15 T(OIL)ETRIES (Trieste anag.) 18 anag. 21 ST(A)Y 22 STA(N)DEE (seated anag.) 24 anag. 27 hidden 28 LEG ENDS 29 (F/W)IND (W/F)ARM 30 FR + OWNS
DOWN 1 anag. 2 anag. 3 S + CRAM
5 anag. 6 anag. 7 S + OLVE (love anag.) 8 END(L)ES + SLY (dense anag.)
10 CELL + O 14 LAST + STRAW (warts rev.) 16 IN TH(E) K + NOW (think anag.) 17 TR(AD)E-OFF (effort anag.) 19 [st]ATELIER 20 E(QUA)L
23 [c]ALVIN 25 C(I + G)AR
26 R + USES

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